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The responsibility of reducing worldwide carbon emissions does not stop with big industries. It is on each of us to make sustainable, ethical decisions and carry these forward with practices by implementing them in the office.

So what can we do?

recycling (1).png

Set up recycling initiative

Select a representative who ensures waste is handled correctly


Reduce paper usage 

Switch to 100% recycled paper or better yet, go completely paperless


Eliminate plastics

Remove the use of single-use plastics – provide employees with reusable drinking bottles

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Reduce air travel where possible

The use of online meetings and webinars is much more prevalent in today’s world


Facilitate flexible working

Allow employees to work from home where possible to avoid emissions caused by travelling to the office


Consider power source

Turn away from fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy alternatives


Review logistics strategy

Combine deliveries and use eco-friendly couriers while avoiding air freight transport  


Conserve water

Implement water conservation measures


Control energy consumption

Unplug equipment at night, install energy efficient lighting, program thermostats to auto shut-off

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