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Gemdax is an independent consultancy focussed on the diamond industry. Founded in 2000, Gemdax has risen to become a leader in its field, bringing together leadership, fresh perspectives, and a results-oriented approach. Core practice areas are strategy, finance and stakeholder management.

Gemdax has worked in all of the world’s major diamond centres with clients spanning the entire industry pipeline. These include governmental bodies, major mining companies, diamond processors, retailers, as well as financial investors seeking to enter the sector.


D Navinchandra Gems is an Antwerp-based diamond company, manufacturing ultra-premium, specialty and round brilliant cuts in 0.005ct to 0.30ct sizes. It also provides customised products polished to the exact specifications of its clients. For example made-to-measure polished includes precision Hearts and Arrows or Fancy cut to highly specific requirements. Its polished diamonds are carefully assorted according to the most stringent parameters to create parcels that meet the customers’ exacting requirements.

Diamant Impex.png

Based in Antwerp, Diamant Impex caters to both European and Far East luxury houses from Antwerp. Diamant Impex produces the world’s highest quality diamonds; 0.02-0.30ct in sizes, D-J in colours and IF-SI2 in clarities. Its ultra-high quality polished is manufactured in China and India. Customers may purchase on an ad hoc basis, or as part of tailor-made programmes with specific product and delivery schedules.

To demonstrate its commitment to making the diamond supply chain increasingly open and transparent, Diamant Impex is exploring ways to track the journey of its smaller diamonds with some of its retail partners.

Dianco logo 2.png

Dianco's journey started in Antwerp more than three decades ago in 1983 as a rough diamond specialist, sourcing its diamonds from reputable producers such as Rio Tinto, ALROSA and De Beers. Since then, its business has grown and evolved to be one of the few largest suppliers of rough diamonds to smaller manufacturers. 

Dianco also has a strong diamond manufacturing operation. Its polished diamonds encompass a variety of colours, clarities and sizes. It also offers white and light-coloured round brilliants from 0.005-0.90cts, and certified polished from 0.30-3.00cts graded by GIA, HRD and IGI.


Diarush is a specialist, large-scale, rough trader whose main strength is centred around deep technical knowledge, both of mining productions across the globe, and the requirements and challenges of niche diamond manufacturers. It uses this knowledge to tailor rough assortments to meet its clients' precise requirements.

Diarush's long-term relationships with its customers affords in depth knowledge into these businesses. Consequently Diarush is able to offer a specific product mix that precisely matches the customers' manufacturing needs. It can also supply to any scale. 

Diarush takes a highly responsible approach to business, believing in traditional values of hard work and integrity. 

H.Dipak logo.jpg

H Dipak is well established as the world’s largest specialist fancy-shaped diamond manufacturer. It manufactures eight fancy shapes (princess, pear, cushion, radiant, emerald, heart, marquise and oval), plus a wide array of customised and proprietary cuts for retailers worldwide. Its polishing facilities are located in Navsari, India. 

H Dipak’s fast-growing jewellery division, ‘WalkingTree’, produces a creative range of designs incorporating fancy-shaped polished for leading retailers around the world, including its in-house brands. In 2018, it opened a second store of its luxury brand in Mumbai, Her Story. It also recently launched its first European brand in Antwerp, Unsaid Library.

H Dipak has creative jewellery design and development centres in Belgium, Hong Kong and Mumbai, and manufactures jewellery in Hong Kong and Mumbai. 


Hari Darshan is one of the very few focused, large-scale manufacturers of top-make smalls. Its product range includes IF-pique clarities, D-J colours, and 30-500 pieces per carat. It combines the technologies normally used in larger solitaire polishing into the manufacturing process for small diamonds. To achieve this, Hari Darshan developed its own proprietary 4P (laser) technology. 

Hari Darshan's manufacturing abilities are combined with precision polished assorting. It offers jewellery manufacturers, watch makers and retailers highly specific polished businesses to meet their exact needs. 


HVK International is one of largest specialist brown diamond manufacturers with sales offices in India, UAE, Hong Kong, Thailand and Belgium. It offers more than 2000 assortments, in both brown and white shades. It has a jewellery division, offering a broad range of collections and price points. HVK has seen strong demand for its products due to cut precision, assortment variety, superior quality, and commitment to service.

HVK International's business is driven by and centred around relationships with customers. Understanding the dynamic of its customers' business allows HVK to cater to the highest levels. Long-term business relationships are key to HVK.

Star Rays.png

Star Rays is amongst the top 10 manufacturers in India, specialising in solitaires from 0.30 to 5.00ct+ carat diamonds. In addition to rounds, it manufactures exceptional fancies including heart, princess, cushion and bespoke shapes. All stones display excellent fire, brilliance and rate high on light performance. Star Rays is able to produce over 45,000 top-quality solitaires every year through its innovative technology and highly qualified diamond experts.


As a service-oriented business, Star Rays provides its customers with just-in-time inventory through a ‘clicks and mortar’ fulfilment system. Its in-house Star Grading System offers greater disclosure on the diamond and superior logistics support. 

Star Rays is both RJC and De Beers BPP compliant and is committed to ethical best practices in all areas of its business. It became the first Indian diamond company to head towards a net zero carbon footprint and recently opened a manufacturing facility in Botswana that contributes to the growth of the local community and encourages more women participation in the work force.

Star Rays offers traceability for all its manufactured diamonds. With sustainability and traceability as its focus, the company is proactively taking steps to prepare for the future.

The company distributes worldwide, particularly in the Far East, USA and India. Representative offices are located in New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Dubai and Surat.

Yaelstar JB Brothers

With almost four decades of excellence in solitaire diamond manufacturing and distribution, Yaelstar has built a strong position as one of the world’s leading players. All manufacturing output is guaranteed to have precise proportions, technical perfection and maximum sparkle. 

Its modern and state-of-the-art factory produces a wide range of solitaire diamonds from 0.18 to 20.00ct+ sizes, including large diamonds, fancy shapes, fancy colours, and proprietary cuts. Over 90% of the diamonds produced in Yaelstar’s factories are cut to GIA triple-excellent equivalent or better standards. Yaelstar has stringent standards for grading polished diamonds, and offers customers its own proprietary grading certificate. 

Yaelstar’s online sales application is amongst the most advanced in the industry. The customisable interface integrates with customers’ polished procurement divisions, this makes ongoing sourcing of precise polished requirements seamlessly efficient. Its latest innovation, Dream Origin, tracks the journey of a diamond starting from mine, and gives a complete assurance of the integrity of the stone.

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